Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kid's say the darnest things!

I have been on a blog hiatus!!! My work and my kids are sucking all the energy I have. I thought I would join this little party though. My son's vocabulary is growing more and more every day.

If you sneeze or cough he'll say "bless you mommy"
if you hand him something he asked for he will say "thank you mommy" good manners...don't know where he learned it!!! I guess they do learn by example!!!!!

He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. It is the only cartoon (besides Barney) that he will actually watch. Last year for Christmas I bought him a giant Mickey Mouse. He hadn't ever done much with it until recently. ( probably because it bigger than he is) For the past few nights we watch the same Mickey mouse movie (adventures in Wonderland) and when its over he'll say "Mickey Mouse go night night" he turns the TV off gets in Bed and goes to sleep. Life size Mickey Mouse has now begun sleeping in bed with us...yes that is right, all of us on one queen size bed. This morning when I went to wake him up, he looked at me with one eye open and asked "Mickey Mouse wake up?"

Ok so that was a bunch of rambling.....but it was cute!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So cute! I can't wait until Samantha starts say HILARIOUS things....oh the blogging material!!!