Sunday, September 13, 2009

1 Year Ago Today...Hurricane Ike Anniversary!

Looking down the main road in Bridge City, TX the morning of September 13, 2008
Us in Paris during Hurricane Ike evacuation

1 year ago Hurricane Ike ripped my little town to shreds. We quickly grabbed a few boxes and things that were already packed from the 2 weeks before when we evacuated. We thought we just would be spending the weekend in North Texas and coming back home. But everything took a turn for the worse. There were only 14 houses inside the city limits that didn't get water inside. Luckily my grandmothers home was one of those....but not everyone in my family was that lucky. My Parents, my fathers parents and many of my aunts, uncles and cousin all had atleast 2 ft of water in their homes.

This is what I came home to....

I am standing on our front porch looking down at the neighbors house...which is at the end of the street.

I didn't have much time to process it all....a few days later I had to leave my husband and my son and fly out to Florida where my cousin (the maid of honor at my wedding) got married. It was really hard knowing my husband was left to clean the mess by himself and go to his day job and take care of Hunter. I couldn't have helped much. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. It was a beautiful day for my cousin! She is beautiful and she hosted a great weekend!!! The family members that traveled from Texas to Florida promised to make this weekend about her and not to mention the Hurricane damage.

This is us at the end of her reception!!! A very classic Italian wedding at a country club resort !

and when I came home from Florida ....

Most of everything had been ripped out and out by the curb. and yes, that is my bathtub in the front yard.

This is standing in my living room. My husband had been busy. No words can express how much I appreciate all his hard work! He is an angel!!!! He was a very tired and worn out by then.

He fell asleep eating supper ...

Our town pulled made us stronger and we rejoice everyday we see another FEMA trailer being moved out!!! It means another family is back in the their house....making it their home!!!!!!


  1. WOW!!!!
    Do you still live in Bridge City?
    I live in Groves now.
    I will never forget Ike.
    14 days with no electricity.
    I didn't suffer any damage but many of my neighbors did. I hope that you have come out okay.

  2. I can't even imagine all that damage...I am so happy that you have found yourselves in much better place a year later...God is Great!