Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Design Dazzle give away

Design dazzle is doing a cute giveaway featuring baby art!!! Wouldn't this be cute to put in your baby's bedroom for that unique and personal touch!!! Check out the website
and Design Dazzle Blog!
Design Dazzle

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thrifty Finds

I am joininig Southern Hospitality this week in the thrifty finds!!!! I went to Goodwill this weekend and found a few things....This Saturday they had all holiday stuff 50 % off Christmas, Easter, Valentines or halloween!!! I found a few things to add a coat of spray paint to for Christmas and Hailey's birthday !!

Here is a find I found last weekend at Hobby lobby! $3 for each frame!!! they will get a coat of black spray paint and hang in our foyer with family photos!!!!

Cute little sleigh that will also get a coat of spray paint!!

This is a cute little tree with a snowman!!! I plan to paint it pink and have it on display for the baby's birthday come december!

I also picked up a coffee table down the street from my house...I will either paint it or cover the top for a bench seat at the end of the bed!!!! I will post about it when I make a decision!!!!!!!!! My husband it getting tired of all my buys in the garage because i have yet to touch anything....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little House on the ....block

For those of you who don't know ....Our small little town was destroyed by hurricane Ikes devastating storm surge. We live on the coast and 99% of our town was flooded...well 99% of homes were flooded by nasty dirty salty marsh water and mud. The water line in our house was a 3 ft 7inches. We have recently moved back in our home after remodeling. We did not have flood insurance.
Hurricane season is here again already!!!!!

My dilema....I need help decorating!!!! We don't have much to work with but I have found some thrifts here and there to fill in the spaces... I have always been bad at what to put where....
Can you help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living room...taken from Foyer...yes that is Dean on the TV (i love Tori Spelling)

wall at entrance ...entire wall is blank except for the one picture says "theres no place like home"

Wall of doors in our master bedroom 1 is bath 1 is closet

soon to be empty corner of our bedroom...(the pack in play is only a dumping ground for clothes I don't want to fold)

Our Bed ! needs a little romance if you ask me!!!!!

As you can see I need a little inspiration !!! Any advice is appreciated !!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hunter's 1st Birthday

Kelly's corner is doing childrens partys this week. I thought I would share Hunter's 1st birthday. I didn't get to put too much into his party as I wanted. Hurricane Ike wiped us out just over a month before and the park where I had planned to have his party was being used by the Angels of the church of Christ that came to help with the recovery. I was also 8 months pregnant with our baby girl. But the party actuallly turned out perfect...except that I forgot the drinks for the adults. Oops !!! Thanks to Christy for taking pictures of the party !! You saved my sanity!!! I did primary colored balloons at the Tugboat Island park in PN. It was a perfect day and we had a blast !!

Taking his time and enjoying his cake

yummy cake made by cakes plus

sign my mom made for the entrance into tugboat island, the park also has a spray park, large amplitheater, boat launch and docks for fishing on the river

all smiles on the swing!





Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Little Angel

Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of the day my niece Chloe passed away. She was only with us a very short while but will live in our hearts forever. We love you baby girl!!!!
Chloe 1/19 --7/3