Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little House on the ....block

For those of you who don't know ....Our small little town was destroyed by hurricane Ikes devastating storm surge. We live on the coast and 99% of our town was flooded...well 99% of homes were flooded by nasty dirty salty marsh water and mud. The water line in our house was a 3 ft 7inches. We have recently moved back in our home after remodeling. We did not have flood insurance.
Hurricane season is here again already!!!!!

My dilema....I need help decorating!!!! We don't have much to work with but I have found some thrifts here and there to fill in the spaces... I have always been bad at what to put where....
Can you help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living room...taken from Foyer...yes that is Dean on the TV (i love Tori Spelling)

wall at entrance ...entire wall is blank except for the one picture says "theres no place like home"

Wall of doors in our master bedroom 1 is bath 1 is closet

soon to be empty corner of our bedroom...(the pack in play is only a dumping ground for clothes I don't want to fold)

Our Bed ! needs a little romance if you ask me!!!!!

As you can see I need a little inspiration !!! Any advice is appreciated !!!


  1. First of all, LOVE the new look! Great pick. Secondly, I'm so sorry to here about the hurricane, but am so glad you're back in your home. I love decorating! But I truely believe that all home decor should be personal...cuz you gotta look at it all the time. I have TONS of pictures of family on my walls. (to tone down the CRAZY, my dining room is all photos in sepia tone...that way they all work together)
    Check out she gives lots of awesome decorating ideas FOR CHEAP! Have Fun!

  2. thanks for the comment, you should definitely check out at her home tour for some great inspiration. I can't believe what all you have been through with all the water damage. That has got to be so scary. Luckily for me our house what somewhat turn-key when we moved in and I haven't had to do much. :) Ballard designs also has some great stuff to decorate with and they are somewhat reasonably priced, on some things :)


  3. Anyway, I took pictures of my kids, put them on my Walgreens site, and made them black and white and had them printed. It's literally like $0.49 for a 4*6. Then I bought several different sized black frames with white matting from Big Lots, and put them in a collage in my bedroom. I think I spent around $30, and I love waking up to see my kid's happy faces. (cuz who knows WHAT I'll find when I go into their

  4. Hi!! First time visiting your site. Where do you live that you suffered damage from Ike?? I live in the Golden Triangle now. I would love to help you decorate if you're close by.