Monday, November 30, 2009

Give Thanks

I hope you and your familes had a very happy Thanksgiving !! We did! I rolled my green bean bundles on Wednesday night because they are so much better when they sit in the fridge with all the buttery sugary goodness on them!!! This is my husbands all time favorite....but I only make them for the holidays.

I also made the Turtle pumpkin pie found in the Kraftfoods magazine!!! I think it was yummy!!! and super simple!!!!

I also got to spend time with my cousin. She and I were more like sisters growing up and she now lives in Fort Worth with her husband and sweet baby girl, that is only 3 months younger than Hunter!

Then of course came Black Friday! Me, my mom and my aunts go every year! Mostly for fun! We use to go in my aunts old station wagon we called Betsy. She had a huge trunk and got fit a lot of packages! Here is SE Texas we never know what the weather will be like for Thanksgiving. Some times it is cold as all get out, some times we wear short sleeves. One year leaving out for black friday we had to scrap the ice off of Old Betsy's windshield!!!! We do have some great memories from black friday shopping....even if we only buy 1 thing!!!!!

Party #2

Our family is super busy this time of year.

It all starts off with Hunter's birthday! He was born on opening morning of hunting season here in SE texas. Needless to say his daddy and grandpas didn't hunt that weekend.
Next is Hailey's birthday. My December baby!!! This year is her first birthday. I knew I kinda wanted to keep it simple and figured I could find more party stuff if I stuck with holiday decor but didn't want it too Christmas-y. I had found some cute Candy Cane Ornaments at a local store called Ellis Pottery. They were pink, green, purple and red stripes with glitter all over them. They started my thought process....then I found some snowflakes at hobby lobby that were pink, white and purple!
When I started her invitations I couldn't find what I wanted. Then I thought I may just need to find an invite I like and start the decor from scratch. I had tried every paper place I knew...Snapfish, Shutterfly, VistaPrint, Sellers on Etsy, and I couldn't find it!!!! One day I was reading Home Based Mom and she had a feature on Dimple Prints

Needless to say I didn't have to go any further!!! The invites were just what I was looking for!!! But she had a post on her Etsy shop that stated she was on vacation for the holidays. But the very next day I received an email from her with a mark up of the invite ! I was so excited that she did everything so quickly...and during the Thanksgiving holiday. I uploaded the invites onto Wal Mart's greeting cards and got the envelopes included!

(I cropped the addres out for security purposes)

Check out dimplePrints are sure to be impressed!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terrific Two's

We celebrated Hunter's birthday a few weekends ago with a Baseball extravaganza!!!!
Everyone that came had such a good time!

My future baseball star!!!

The cake was made by my mom's good friend. She use to make our cakes when we were kids!!!! She also made my wedding cakes! They are to die for Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Fudge buttercream icing!!!!

I made the cupcakes and tried to be creative with the icing. Speaking of creative, I bought all the printables from Parties by Hardie. I bought them from her Etsy shop and received my email the very next day and got to work!!!! I used the baseballs that said happy birthday and then cut out circles using my aunt's cricut.

I used the banner also and hung it....unfortunatley didn't get any pictures of it at the party. But I did hang it at our house on Hunter's actual birthday and got to snap a few then. I did the same thing as the cupcake sticks...Cut out 5 inch circles on the cricut and strung through some red/white polka dots and blue/white polka dots.

ok back to the Party. For the Centerpieces I took a small candle holders and filled it with Sunflower seeds and put in some of the leftover baseball pics.

I decorated the cake table with photos of when we took Hunter to his first Astros game.

Lets not forget to decorate the birthday boy!!! I searched Hi and Lo and all around town to find a raglan baseball shirt in his size. Just when I gave up, I turned to Etsy! Little One Boutique came to my rescue and customized this shirt for him!!! It was awesome and his eyes lit up when he put it on!!!

I also wanted to have a place for the kiddos to take pictures so I bought 2 yards of a fun fabric and hung it up to make a cute backdrop!!!

Here are some other pictures of our guest having fun!!!!!

The party didn't stop there!!!!
For his actual birthday I took him to toys r us and lunch at Chick fil A. Then I took him and Hailey to the park and to the school parking lot so he could ride his new tractor we got him. We ended the night eating Mexican food and ice cream.