Monday, November 30, 2009

Give Thanks

I hope you and your familes had a very happy Thanksgiving !! We did! I rolled my green bean bundles on Wednesday night because they are so much better when they sit in the fridge with all the buttery sugary goodness on them!!! This is my husbands all time favorite....but I only make them for the holidays.

I also made the Turtle pumpkin pie found in the Kraftfoods magazine!!! I think it was yummy!!! and super simple!!!!

I also got to spend time with my cousin. She and I were more like sisters growing up and she now lives in Fort Worth with her husband and sweet baby girl, that is only 3 months younger than Hunter!

Then of course came Black Friday! Me, my mom and my aunts go every year! Mostly for fun! We use to go in my aunts old station wagon we called Betsy. She had a huge trunk and got fit a lot of packages! Here is SE Texas we never know what the weather will be like for Thanksgiving. Some times it is cold as all get out, some times we wear short sleeves. One year leaving out for black friday we had to scrap the ice off of Old Betsy's windshield!!!! We do have some great memories from black friday shopping....even if we only buy 1 thing!!!!!


  1. I'm soo glad that you had an awesome Thanksgiving.
    Those green bean bundles looked divine!
    I might just have to aske you for the recipe...*wink*

  2. YUMMY! Can you post the recipe for those bean bundles? They look delish! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!