Monday, November 30, 2009

Party #2

Our family is super busy this time of year.

It all starts off with Hunter's birthday! He was born on opening morning of hunting season here in SE texas. Needless to say his daddy and grandpas didn't hunt that weekend.
Next is Hailey's birthday. My December baby!!! This year is her first birthday. I knew I kinda wanted to keep it simple and figured I could find more party stuff if I stuck with holiday decor but didn't want it too Christmas-y. I had found some cute Candy Cane Ornaments at a local store called Ellis Pottery. They were pink, green, purple and red stripes with glitter all over them. They started my thought process....then I found some snowflakes at hobby lobby that were pink, white and purple!
When I started her invitations I couldn't find what I wanted. Then I thought I may just need to find an invite I like and start the decor from scratch. I had tried every paper place I knew...Snapfish, Shutterfly, VistaPrint, Sellers on Etsy, and I couldn't find it!!!! One day I was reading Home Based Mom and she had a feature on Dimple Prints

Needless to say I didn't have to go any further!!! The invites were just what I was looking for!!! But she had a post on her Etsy shop that stated she was on vacation for the holidays. But the very next day I received an email from her with a mark up of the invite ! I was so excited that she did everything so quickly...and during the Thanksgiving holiday. I uploaded the invites onto Wal Mart's greeting cards and got the envelopes included!

(I cropped the addres out for security purposes)

Check out dimplePrints are sure to be impressed!!!!

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