Thursday, June 18, 2009


This may be my all time favorite picture of my son! He is pictured here with our black lab that my hubby and I got together after only 3 months of dating....we lived in an upstairs apartment and he was afraid of the stairs we would carry him down....let him walk around and potty....then carry him back up. Once he started growing like a weed, had to find a house. I couldn't carry him, he was almost as big as me!!! My husband wanted him for a hunting dog, I loved him as a house dog. One night we came home from Date Night to find the arm of the couch ripped to shreds with cotton all over the floor.....with that, was my favorite pair of Steve Madden shoes---ruined. He is out of that puppy stage now.....he is 4 years old and a Hunting dog just like my husband wanted him for.

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