Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer has arrived in Texas

I apologize to the handful of people that actually do read this...

I have been taking full advantage of having nothing to do -The kids and I have been hanging here at the house and I have been trying to keep the use of technology at a minimum.

My husband and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary May 20th we went to the Kemah boardwalk and celebrated with a wonderful and delicious meal at Landrys Seafood and hung out on the boardwalk and watched a live band that plays all the crowds favorite party music!!!! I really enjoyed my alone time with the hubby because it doesn't happen often enough!!!

So we head outside for jumping and playing baseball....we have recently started going to play in the water at local splash parks and have filled up the little plastic pool a few times....

My friends and I all celebrated our 30th birthdays this year. I think it is wonderful that a small handful of us that graduated high school together still hang out on a regular basis...we also have kids the same age so we are able to get them together too !

This picture was taken at my friends surprise dinner for her birthday! She is a bit of a party planner herself and was super hard to keep a secret from her.

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