Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Master Bedroom- Sneak Peak !

Well, after many trips to Marshalls, Target, Walmart, Steinmart, BBB, Ross, Anna's Linens, Dillards, Macy, JCPenny, ....did I forget any???? I would buy, bring home, return, get to the check out and change my mind, Go to one target and change my mind by the time I get to the other one.....I spent days!!!!!! I think I finally got got it!!!! While me and my husband were at the lake it came to me....we enjoy being outside, we love nature! So what better way to capture that in our bedroom...

Leaf motif !!!

I always liked this pillow from Target was my first purchase! --that I didn't return

This came from was on an end cap with some other beachy stuff in the very lucky was I to dig!!!!

I got these outdoor tables at target too! I thought they would go great with the outdoorsy look I was going for and a whole lot cheaper than furniture store nightstands....they were $74 but I ended up only paying $59 each! I think they will look really great once all the accessories get on there!!!

Last but not least...

One day when I walked into walmart to look at sheets I saw this in a special sale section...they are lined and just the right color and length that I needed...the greatest thing - They were only $7 a piece!!!! Jackpot!!!!!

Stay tuned to see everything put together!!!!

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  1. Wow, those are amazing finds! I cannot wait to see the big reveal!